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Led by artist and tour representative Linda Griffiths, Art Holidays Abroad seeks to imerse the group in a creative and cultural atmosphere, topped with humour, laughter and one-to-one tuition.


Most days are spent together visiting a wonderful variety of locations that will inspire and exercise your painting, creative and observational skills to the extent that you will even see and experience the places we visit in a different light. 


Art Holidays Abroad is a dream, turned reality, born in 2013 out of Linda’s desire to combine a passion for travel, culture, food and art.  Linda is a natural people person, her skills as a great communicator and linguist will ensure an interesting and perhaps an unusual holiday for all concerned.  Originally a group of Linda’s students expressed an interest in her travels and a desire to go on holiday but not alone, so she decided to combine her experience as a travel representative with her skills as an art teacher.  That was the first AHA holiday.


A perfectionist by nature, each holiday is carefully researched with an advance visit to find the best accommodation possible and the most exhilarating locations for the daily programme.  Getting to know the people in advance is also a plus and makes for a welcoming return.  Of paramount importance is ensuring that everything is easily accessible with few steps and minimal walking, mindful that some members of the group may need extra assistance - so even the less able bodied will be able to cope adequately.

Why travel with Art Holidays Abroad?


  • Visit a different location every day, enabling you to soak up the culture and atmosphere of each place, giving you a wonderful comprehensive feel of the holiday destination.

  • Personal attention in a small friendly group from the moment you arrive at the airport.

  • Accompanied at all times by someone who speaks the local language

  • Flexible teaching at all levels in various painting media.

  • Self catering accommodation (in Greece) allowing you the freedom to eat in or visit tavernas for meals.

  • The little extras, such as icon painting, soap making, photographic skills.


With AHA you don’t have to holiday alone.  We must be doing something right because people who book with us usually come back for more!!

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